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My First Blog Entry

Why? My first blog entry

Because I think I can contribute and help some people. Over the years, having played with a whole bunch of famous people, having the most successful band business in the history of the state of Wisconsin, and having done more weddings than anyone alive, . . . pardon the pun, but I’ve learned a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two.

Hopefully my writing skills, although not my area of expertise, will be adequate to communicate some ideas, some concepts, and some principles that will improve some of your experiences in life, whether that be your wedding, a corporate event, or some totally unrelated area of everyday life.

SECOND WHY – Why do I do this music thing?

Because I need to. It’s as simple as that. Deep inside, I have an insatiable need to be creative and to make people happy. I didn’t learn it, didn’t ask for it, didn’t go to school for it; I was born with it. It’s the way I’m wired; the way God made me.

Along the way, I realized that I was also given the gift of vision and I learned to be totally dissatisfied with mediocrity. Today, the pursuit of excellence is everything. It’s not about competing with others, it’s about competing with myself; to be better each day than the day before. Without that, life gets totally boring; at least for me.

How do I satisfy all these urges and traits in music?

  • Play only the best music possible. There are a gazillion songs from which to choose. Life is way to short to be playing mediocre songs.
  • Play with the very best musicians possible. It is not satisfying to have to struggle with anything less. I always want to be the worst musician on the stage. That’s how I stay challenged and how I grow.
  • Perform for people who place a value on excellent music. The days of my performing to inebriated, drugged out people are waaaaaay behind me. It’s a two-way street – I give people my very best to make them happy and give them enjoyment and memories, and they appreciate the gift, the talent, and the years of learning and effort that went into making all that happen. That creates mutual happiness and satisfaction. My mission is then fulfilled, and it propels me ahead; I have served my purpose.

What’s in this for me?

The hope is that I may help you in some way with this blog.

I will begin with a series of posts dealing with THE BIGGEST MISTAKES BRIDES MAKE when choosing and purchasing music/entertainment for their wedding. DO NOT TUNE OUT if you don’t have a wedding in your future. The wisdom and knowledge I will be putting forth will apply to virtually ANY EVENT for which you will be needing music/entertainment.

If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to call me at 414-777-0100.

Until the next time, strive for excellence and keep swingin’!

Bill Sargent
Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

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