Bill Sargent Bands provides live music
in the greater Milwaukee area
and statewide Wisconsin!

Our music

We specialize in the best live music,
from the great big bands in the ‘30s & ‘40s
through the classic horn bands in contemporary music.

We perform songs made famous by:
Frank Sinatra
Ella Fitzgerald
Michael Buble
Bobby Darin
Dean Martin
Louis Prima
Count Basie
Benny Goodman
Louis Armstrong
Tower Of Power
James Brown
Blood Sweat & Tears
All of Motown
The Temptations
Otis Redding
Wilson Pickett
Artie Shaw
Harry James
Tommy Dorsey
Duke Ellington
Les Brown
Glenn Miller
Lee Greenwood
Ray Charles
Linda Ronstadt
Joe Williams
Natalie Cole
Buddy Rich
Woody Herman
Stevie Wonder
Sam & Dave
Spencer Davis
Ben E. King
The Ides of March
Bill Withers
Patsy Cline
Bob Seeger
Spiral Staircase
and many more!

Welcome to Bill Sargent Bands

Real live music performed by real live bands,
in the Greater Milwaukee area
and all of Wisconsin!

Bill Sargent Bands exists for one simple reason; I have a passion for real live music and excellence.

At an early age, I became a professional drummer and experienced the satisfaction that comes from making people happy.

As a teenager, I was fortunate to play with some of the most famous musicians on the planet and learned the challenge and satisfaction that comes from the pursuit of excellence.

Soon after moving to Milwaukee, I was employed by all the best that Milwaukee and Wisconsin had to offer. For the most part, I found the bands lacking in what I had become accustomed to on a national level. I also found myself spending too much time in the recording studio, staring at walls. It was many times, unfulfilling.

The old saying, “If you want something done right, do it yourself” became a reality for me. I soon found that the only way I was going to get satisfaction out of life in Wisconsin was to form my bands, bands performing real live music.

That’s why I formed Bill Sargent Bands and why it is here for you today better than ever before; because I love great live music and love doing it with excellence with awesome musicians, making people happy.

The bottom line is this isn’t something I do; this is who I am.


I may not be a good fit for you.

If having excellent live music at your event is not a priority for you, if one band or DJ is just as good as another for you, I am not your guy. If you need a laser light show to have a great time, I am not your guy. If you’re either of these, you should look elsewhere.

HOWEVER, if excellent live music is a priority for you, if you want a classy event, if quality and function is essential; if you wish your clientele, your friends and their families to rave about the awesome event you put together; if you want everybody to have an excellent time, enjoy themselves and remember it for years to come, then YOU are the one I want to serve. I AM YOUR GUY.

Bill Sargent Bands have never missed
or canceled an engagement
for any reason.

Bill Sargent - Pro Drummer - Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA