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Part 6: Booking Entertainment – Things To Consider When Booking Your Band Or DJ

Things to consider when you are in the process of seeking and booking entertainment for your wedding or special event:

Alcohol & Drinking – For many bands and DJs, this is a part-time, “let’s make some extra money and have fun”, weekend event.  At the very least, you may wish to limit access to alcohol. Remember, this is supposed to be your party, not theirs.

Top professionals are ones who have reputations for professional behavior.

Meals for the Band – Bands should not require meals from their clients. They are there to work, to provide music and entertainment; not be part of the party.

There may be an occasional exception to that. If the band is traveling a distance, or if someone with the band has been on location for many hours, due to an early setup or early music, then it would be a nice gesture to offer them a meal so they don’t have to leave the venue to eat.

Setup Times – Bands and DJs should be set up before the guests enter the room. There is nothing tackier than a band or DJ setting up during dinner. A good band will set up their main setup before guests arrive so when it comes time to perform the individual musicians are only entering with their individual instruments.

Apparel – A classy, elegant wedding deserves a classy, elegant looking band. Make sure your band isn’t going to show up in blue jeans, casual clothes or cheesy-looking outfits. Tuxedos or suits are best. Creating the proper image adds to the atmosphere and the entertainment value.

All four of the above should be addressed when booking entertainment for your event.


Booking Entertainment


Be very wary of hiring a band who invites you to someone else’s wedding reception to see them perform. They will do the same to you.

I had a woman ask me to see my band at an upcoming wedding. She told me she would be no bother, that it would just be her, her daughter, and her future son-in-law at the back of the room. I told her I could not disclose that information; that all of my client’s private engagements are confidential information. I pointed out that if I were to allow her to do that, and I allowed my other clients to do the same, based on the number of calls I get per week, she could expect me to have about 30 uninvited guests in the back of the room at her wedding.

You can count on that band who invited you to someone else’s wedding doing the same to you at your wedding.

If you are invited to view a band or DJ while in the process of booking entertainment, I suggest doing so at an event that is similar in nature to what you have planned.

A note about our videos and viewing my band:

The vast majority of the events I perform for are private. I respect my client’s privacy. The date, time, and location of your event is never disclosed to anyone.

It may be some time before an upcoming public performance. My band is a unique offering and there is only one of me. It is possible that your date may not be booked for some time; it is also possible that I could be booked with the very next phone call. That is why I provide such extensive video demos, so you can actually see us perform LIVE at these events. You can do it instantly, today, not weeks down the road; and, you can do it in the comfort of your own home!

All our videos and audios are from live performances. Our videos are the real deal. Nothing has been “staged” for the purpose of the videos, nor has anything been “doctored” or altered to make things perfect. What you see is exactly the way we are.

Often, you’ll hear a large amount of audience chatter and conversation. That is because people can carry on a conversation in the same room with my band playing.

In Summary

I have given you my best, most sincere advice. If you choose another band or DJ for your entertainment and the experience was better because of something you learned here, then I have served my purpose. If you think that I may be a good fit for your special day, then I would be honored to have an opportunity to serve you and make your guests happy.

In our hi-tech world, people have become accustomed to texting and email for all interactions. However, a phone call or a face-to-face is still the very best way to conduct business. It offers the highest level of personalized customer service possible. After all, you deserve only the best!


If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 414-777-0100

Keep Swingin’!
Bill Sargent
Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA


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