Here you’ll find videos of Bill Sargent Bands, LIVE, in action

Why see us here, via video, on this page?

Always view a band in live performance. The vast majority of our engagements are private. Therefore, the opportunity to view our bands in action is very limited. Timing is critical when it comes to booking a band. You could miss getting the band you want by 24 hours. You may not have the luxury of waiting until next Saturday to see the band at some event. With this page, you can see us now, live, today!

Don’t be fooled!

Beware of bands who present a “staged” video. Technology allows people to get by with amazing deceptions. A bad singer can be made to sing in perfectly in tune or they can redo bad takes until they get it right. It is not possible for them to be that good when actually performing or wouldn’t they bother with a staged in the first place. Therefore, you have no idea of what their performance at your event will actually be like. Their performance may not even be close to what they represented via their “demo” clips on a website or what they sent to you in the mail.

Authenticity and Honesty

Taken from live performances, at real events, our videos are recorded “very live” with no special sound connections or mixing or fancy multi-camera techniques and editing. I simply use a microphone and a single stationary camera. If you like what you see and hear below, you will absolutely rave about the way we sound in person at your event!

Volume Levels

You’ll notice the audience conversations in some videos can be quite prevalent. Our bands do not overwhelm the audience with volume that is too loud to carry on a conversation. We have had a gazillion compliments from out clients who appreciate that.