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Part 5: Mistakes and Problems – How to Avoid Them when Hiring Entertainment

Here are several ways to avoid mistakes and problems when hiring music for your wedding, special event, or party:

Mistake – Hiring bands based on overblown song lists

Many bands have song lists they are happy to provide for you that have songs numbering into the hundreds. It’s a marketing ploy in an attempt to make them look better than other bands. They usually can’t play all those songs as a group.

In a typical evening, a band will perform approximately 40 to 50 songs. The only thing that matters is the quality of the songs they play, not the quantity they can play.

Mistake – Bands with perfected videos and audios

Beware of bands who present a “staged” video or a studio-recorded audio for a demo. Technology allows people to get by with some amazing deceptions. A bad singer can be made to sing perfectly in tune and they have the luxury of an unlimited number of “redos” to eliminate bad takes. They will never be that good when actually performing.

Always view a band in live performance. See: Booking Entertainment – Things To Consider When Booking Your Band Or DJ

Mistake – Slick advertising without the track record to back it up

It’s easy to create an amazing website and advertising copy with cool graphics and professional videos. Many people are gifted at making the representation far better than the actual product. Look past all the glitz and glamour and focus on the credentials and track record. It’s all about experience and expertise.

Problem – Bands or DJs who guarantee specific performers

Any band that promises or guarantees a specific instrumentalist or vocalist is lying to you. NOBODY can make such a promise or guarantee.

Human beings are afflicted with the human condition. Females get pregnant. People get injured, they get sick, and some even die. People get job transfers or have a personality clash and quit the band. These things are beyond anybody’s control.

In many bands, if there is a personnel change, they have to cancel engagements to regroup. If a band member is unavailable on short notice, they may have to cancel the engagement or put on a horribly sub-par performance.

You can count on us!

In 35 years, we’ve never cancelled or failed to perform. Bill Sargent Bands are structured in such a way that I can do a last-minute substitution and not have it affect the quality of our performance. I use only the very best musicians in our region and have backups just as any pro football team would.

I am also very fortunate as to have very solid, steady professionals on my bands. In fact, some have been with me since our very first performance. These are people I can count on and they perform with consistency and excellence.

Avoid the mistakes and problems listed above by booking a Bill Sargent Band for your wedding or special event today!


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