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Part 3: Entertainment Agency – Should I Use One Or Do It Myself?

Is an entertainment agency and their agents the best way to buy your music with today’s advanced technologies and the demand for personalized service?

An entertainment agency and their agents are in business for one reason – to make money. They will sell you anything to make that profit. Most, if not all, entertainment agencies have a “puffed up” roster of musical acts designed to make them look connected and influential. Anybody could get you 95% of those acts.

It Never Goes That Way

Don’t you just love the pictures of food on the restaurant’s menu? Ever feel slightly let down when the food arrives, and it doesn’t look like you ordered?

Many bands and entertainment agencies are the same way. Agencies present bands where the music sounds perfect, the lighting is exotic, the clothes are pressed, everyone is perky and lively, and their performance is flawless. They stage carefully edited and enhanced video shoots that make their acts look and sound better in their video demo than they ever could when performing live.

The Agency Middleman Fee

This agency makes a lot of money NOT performing music at your special event or wedding reception. A typical entertainment agency adds a 15% – 25% agency fee to the price of the band. Even if you don’t see that charge, it IS included in the price of the band.

Agents also add a layer of insulation between you and the performers. Once the band is booked, they’re done. Usually, only after you’ve booked your music will you get to meet that all important person you’ll be working with. Often, a band that is booked through an agency shows up on the day of the performance with little or no clue as to what is about to take place.

Go Direct

Entertainment agencies served a purpose a long time ago when all people had was a land-line phone and the Yellow Pages phone book. Today, that whole situation has changes; we have pocket computers, the internet, and Google. Will they save you some time and research? Yes, but they will be steering you to bands or DJs that serve THEIR purposes and motives of keeping their entertainment roster working and their profits maximized.

If you want to save 15% – 25% on your cost for music AND get personalized service; locate, book and communicate ONLY with the leader of the band directly.


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