Bill Sargent

Bill Sargent - Pro Drummer - Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA

The Early Years

The story of Bill Sargent began at age 8, with the family piano and piano lessons. At 10 I switched to the drums and never looked back.

Paid gigs began when I was 13 years old. School meant being involved with every possible musical opportunity. I attended with University of Wisconsin Summer Music Clinics for 4 years where I won outstanding awards 2 of the 4 years. I was also a member of the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra for 2 years.

The Road and Other Bands

At 16, I left school and started full-time touring nationally with world-famous top professionals. As a bandleader, I lead my first full-time band on the road when I was 19. Later that year I became the musical director for a traveling show.

I located in Milwaukee at age 22 and about 2 years later came off the road and began working locally full-time with a couple of primary bands and as a “sub” with about 28 other bands. About 5 years later, I launched Bill Sargent Bands.


I was very fortunate to have the world-renown cornetist & vocalist, Bob Schulz, as my mentor and band director from Junior High School through my departure from high school. Later, I was mentored by Dr. James Latimer – University of Wisconsin and Pavel Burda – University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

My studies have included lessons with Dave Weckl, JR Robinson, Roy Knapp – “The Granddaddy of Percussion”, Gary Gauger of “RIMS” fame, Casey Scheuerell, Franklin Else and Lance Haas.

When I first moved to Milwaukee, I was asked to come to UWM to nail down the drum chair in their jazz ensemble. While there, I studied music full-time at UWM for about 3 years.

My most impactful education has come from all the countless outstanding bandleaders and musicians I have been blessed to work with, observe and learn from.


For 7 years, I served as Director of “Drummers for Jesus” – Wisconsin Chapter. For 25 years, I served in the music ministry at Victory International Fellowship in Brookfield, Wisconsin and currently help lead worship with various worship teams in several churches.

My service includes the Board of Directors of Unlimited Jazz Ltd and I was the Charter Vice-President of Fundraising for the local Make-A-Wish Foundation.

I currently serve as the Chairman of MATC Music and Creative Arts Advisory Board.


When my schedule permits, in addition to leading my own band, I perform with other bands and musical artists locally, nationally, and internationally. Outside of my performance schedule, I conduct drum clinics, ‘drumming for worship’ clinics and seminars on various aspects of the music business and success as a musician. I play a wide range of musical genres and occasionally do TV, Radio, and Studios.


On a personal note, I am still married to my first wife, Darlene, and yes, she’s an angel. Darlene is an RN and a hospital administrator. We have two awesome daughters; Kim live in Minneapolis and is in elementary education and early childcare, while Jen is living in Romania working with youth with a focus on human-trafficking prevention and recovery.

Personal Passions

I am a photographic artist with an emphasis on fine art portraiture. My favorite things are spending time with family, travel, jacuzzis, snowmobiling, ATVs, and chocolate. I love Jesus and the United States of America. Finally, I have an obsession for wisdom and am a life-long learner.

For a small sample of bands and musicians I have been honored to perform with, click below:

Click here for a sample list of artists Bill Sargent has performed with

  • 52nd Street Jazz Band, The
  • Robert Allen Jr.
  • Steve Allen
  • Joe Alme Big Band, The
  • Buddy Apfel
  • Larry Bach
  • Dave Bany
  • John Bany
  • Tom Bartlett
  • Jordan Baskin
  • Jon Bauman “Bowzer” from Sha-Na-Na & Stingrays
  • Heinie Beau
  • David Bennett
  • Lin Biviano
  • Terry Blaine & The New York City All-Stars
  • Gene Bolen
  • LaMar Boschman
  • Charlie Brooks
  • Ray Brown
  • Bobby Burgess
  • Nelda Cain
  • Kenneth Caldwell
  • Mike Campbell
  • Rick Carlson
  • Jo Ann Castle
  • Kerry Christensen
  • Gary Church
  • Ritchie Cole
  • Henry Cuesta
  • Kim Cusak
  • Jim Cullum Jazz Band, The
  • Jimmy Damon
  • Art Davis
  • Barrett Deems
  • Dizzy Dean
  • Buddy DeFranco
  • Doc DeHaven
  • Drifters, The
  • Phil Driscoll
  • Thomas Dvorak
  • Don Edwards
  • Leslie Ellis
  • Erock for Kids
  • Paul Ferrin
  • Barney Floyd
  • Frontline Youth Choir
  • Tony Galante
  • Dave Gannett
  • Jan Garber Orchestra, The
  • Keith Getty
  • Vince Giordano
  • Bobby Gordon
  • Jack Grassel
  • Tommy Greywolf
  • Annette Griffin
  • Jesse Hauck
  • Bob Havens
  • Cathi Hayes
  • Dave Hazeltine
  • Chuck Hedges Swingtet, The
  • Heritage
  • Rory Hoffman
  • Tom Hook
  • Ink Spots, The
  • Steve Jensen
  • Dick Jurgens Orchestra, The
  • Tommy Justice
  • David Kaap
  • Karolyn Kafer
  • Casey Kelly
  • Dave Kennedy Orchestra, The
  • Jerry Krahn
  • Chelsea Krombach
  • Dr. James Latimer
  • Bob Leary
  • Leningrad Dixieland Band, The
  • Steve Lewandowski
  • Bobby Lewis
  • Paul Libman
  • Sherwin Linton & The Cotton Kings
  • Joe Lulloff
  • Brian Lynch
  • Clyde McCoy
  • Ray McKinley Orchestra, The
  • Pat Mesiti
  • Milwaukee Bucks Band, The
  • Milwaukee Ethnic Band, The
  • Don Momblow
  • Russ Morgan Orchestra, The
  • James Moody
  • Buddy Morrow Orchestra, The
  • Don Nedobeck’s North Water Street Tavern Band
  • Bob Neighbor
  • Tom Netherton
  • Dan Nimmer
  • Kristi Northrup
  • John Parrott
  • Lloyd Pedersen Show, The
  • Roger Pemberton
  • Willie Pickens
  • Steve Pikal
  • Ed Polcer
  • Brad Pregeant
  • George Prichett
  • Frank Puzzullo
  • Ed Reed
  • Bill Rose
  • Bobby Roberts
  • Randy Ruiz
  • Eric Schneider
  • Bob Schulz
  • Andy Schumm
  • Mark Shane
  • Dan Shapera
  • Shirelles, The
  • Geoffrey Simon
  • Southern Fried Jazz Band, The
  • Spiral Staircase, The
  • Charlie Spivak
  • Marvin Stamm
  • Smokie Stover
  • Sunset Playhouse, The
  • Rev. Al Townsend
  • Frank Vlasis
  • Jon Weber
  • Tad Weed
  • Warren Wiegratz
  • Williams & Ree
  • UWM Jazz Ensemble, The
  • UWM Percussion Ensemble, The
  • UWM Symphony, The
  • UWM Wind Ensemble, The
  • Wisconsin Youth Symphony Percussion Ensemble, The
  • Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestra, The

Here is part of my drum solo at my daughter’s wedding:

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